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The Rochelle Business and Technology Park recognizes that businesses are unable to compete without the best infrastructure possible for information exchange and acquisition. In 2009, the City of Rochelle made a significant investment in the installation of a financial-grade redundant fiber-optic network located in the private right-of-way throughout the park.

  • Dual fiber-optic circuits to all sites
  • Access to multiple dark fiber networks
  • Multiple telecommunications providers including AT&T, Verizon Business and Zayo
  • Fiber-optic feed into park from two separate sources
  • Single mode multi-gigabyte fiber-optic cables
  • On-site maintenance for fiber-optic services
  • 100Mb-1G Ethernet available
  • Engineered for bandwidth speed, redundancy and survivability
  • Available connections to 350 E. Cermak, Chicago

The Rochelle Business and Technology Park has direct access to the Northern Illinois Technology Triangle, a looped broadband fiber network secured along two major local interstate highway systems. The NITT is the first municipal utility fiber-optic network consortium in the Midwest that is stimulating economic development centers, data and computation centers, medical centers, and other technology-based businesses.

The Rochelle Business and Technology Park is a member of the iFiber Network. iFiber is a provider of extremely high speed (1Gb) network transport services to both the public and private sector. It provides subsidized access directly to eligible public sector organizations such as schools, community colleges, libraries, healthcare facilities, municipalities, county and public safety facilities.

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