• Three Existing Facilities

    Fortune 100 & 500 businesses have chosen Rochelle as the ideal location for their data center operations.
  • Shovel Ready Sites

    A significant investment in utility infrastructure and fiber-optics makes each site construction-ready.
  • Competitive Rates

    The City of Rochelle’s electric system is optimized to support data centers with the highest levels of redundancy and capacity to support growth.
  • One Proven Location

    Team Rochelle takes a vertically integrated approach to development. All approvals are done in one place in a timely manner.
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This 160-acre development is located at the intersection of the Logistics and Transportation Corridor and the Research and Development Corridor. Designed to meet the demands and flexibility required by today's discerning technology-related business, the park already houses both Fortune 100 and 500 clients. This Park has direct access to the North Illinois Technology Triangle (NITT), a looped, broadband fiber-optic network which provides instant, high-speed transmission of large volumes of data, with superior redundancy capabilities. In addition, the Park houses the city's Rochelle Municipal Utilities (RMU) Technology Center. This center gives all area companies access to several major data carriers and is state-of-the-art designed to meet your data storage and co-location needs.

Latest Blog Post

  • Feb 2, 2015
    Sustainability Forum Created in Rochelle

    Rochelle has a new activity: A Sustainability Forum has been started with the local businesses and service clubs.

    In a time of snow storms and other disruptions it is quite timely to review how local energy and resource utilization can be
    managed by Rochelle's unique model.

    Resilience is part of sustainability and Rochelle's performance in difficult weather environments is another example of
    what Rochelle offers incoming industries and commerical entities in the midwest's markets.

    The solar plant is performing beyond expectations even in winter conditions.

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What Our Stakeholders Are Saying

  • “Nippon Sharyo has enjoyed a very positive working relationship with the City of Rochelle.  Team Rochelle has the experience and expertise to make projects happen quickly and efficiently.  Nippon Sharyo has chosen Rochelle not once, but twice for the location of two of our major industrial facilities.”
    – Akira “Kevin” Koyasu, President, Nippon Sharyo Manufacturing, LLC

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