End of the Year Update

Dec 1, 2014 12:00 am

A little update before end of the year;

The solar promotional event was very successful with about 60 participants from various entities.
A video of the whole project will be shared in presentations with service clubs and schools in the area. Tours have already been given of the plant and more are coming.  Production is healthy and the first real snow cover came off in short time by itself.  Area schools have announced great interest in RMU's Solar Plant.

We are also considering starting a Rochelle Sustainability Forum: So far Great support from community development, industries, service clubs and local schools.  The goal of Rochelle Sustainability Forum is to connect interested parties for solutions for a sustainable future in Rochelle.  A forum kickoff is targeted for January.

For the solar plant project see an updated in-house generated video:
See http://youtu.be/Tr0spqje3gs

The boring sampling for the larger plant (PPA based) at the city landfill looks promising so far. An RFI will be sent out when we have the geo report.

Best Regards and stay warm,

(Thank you for your tweets to us)